How do I register for the Professional Development Conference?
Log in to your Agriculture Teachers Association of Texas membership account and register by clicking on Event Registration.

If I have already paid my membership dues, am I automatically registered for the Professional Development Conference?
You must still log in to your Agriculture Teachers Association of Texas membership account and register for the Professional Development Conference to have access to the conference site.
How do I access the conference, including all of the workshops and general sessions?
Once registered for the conference, visit conference.texasagteachers.org and log in. The panel on the left side displays all of the conference experiences, including links to the workshops and general session pages.
How will I access the Monday workshops?
Check the Workshops > Monday page on the conference site for specific information about your workshop. Most of the Monday workshop presenters will send you an email in advance with the link to the workshop. Be sure to check your email, and your spam folder if necessary, for this piece of communication. Both of the floral workshops on Monday will be accessed directly from the Workshops > Monday page on the conference site.
If I don’t log in on Tuesday for the General Session, can I see it later?
Yes, all sessions will be posted for you to view at your convenience. As each day is completed, those sessions and workshops will be available on demand through the conference site.
How do I attend my Area Meeting?
Select Area Meetings from the panel on the left side of the conference site, then select your area from the list, and click on the Zoom link on your area’s page. If you have a school district that blocks zoom, please ask to be able to access it for this conference.
How can I donate to the Crisis, PAC, and Scholarship fund this year?
Click on the Donations page once logged into your Agriculture Teachers Association of Texas account. You can pay by credit card or choose to mail in a check.
Will all the workshop sessions be available immediately on Wednesday to view?
Half of the On Demand workshops will be released on Wednesday morning at 7am, and half will be released Thursday morning at 7am. Once a workshop has been released, it will be available On Demand for viewing anytime on the conference site.
Are there any live workshops on Wednesday or Thursday or will they all be pre-recorded?
Yes! There will be four workshops offered each day on Wednesday and Thursday with a live question and answer session. Check the Workshops > General - Live Zoom page for more information. All other workshops on Wednesday and Thursday have been pre-recorded by our presenters and are available to watch after they are released each day.
What and when are the Exhibitor Showcases I have heard about?
Exhibitor Showcases offer you the opportunity to interact with exhibitors who will conduct short presentations about their products or services. Check the Exhibitors > Showcases page for more information and the schedule for Monday and Thursday afternoon. Most of these sessions will be live and will include the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the presenter. There will be a few that are pre-recorded sessions from exhibitors that will be available all week. You can get credit hours for participating.
How will I get credit for watching workshops?
Once you have watched a video you will click on the box for credit that is on the page of the workshop.
Will I have to log in to the conference website everyday?
If you use the same computer, once you register through the Agriculture Teachers Association of Texas membership system and then initially log into the conference site, the system will remember your information and automatically grant you access.
Will I still get a certificate for attending the conference?
Yes, you will be able to print a copy of your certificate by logging into your Agriculture Teachers Association of Texas membership account and selecting the option to Print your Certificate from the panel on the left. You must have a paid account to print your certificate.
How long do I have to watch the workshop presentations and receive CPE credit?
You will have until August 31 to watch workshops and receive CPE credit. After that date, workshops will still be available for viewing, but CPE credit will not be provided.
Will Texas FFA committee meetings still be held during the conference week?
Committee meetings will not be held the week of conference. You will receive information from your committee chair about your scheduled meeting.
Is Family Night happening this year?
Yes, even though we can’t be together we want to take time to honor you and your family, as well as your commitment to furthering ag education. Join us for a special night on Thursday. We will still draw for door prizes, and we’ll even have a special guest entertainer to bring you great music straight from the conference site.
How will I get my tenure award recognition?
Your official certificate will be mailed to you, so please make sure your address connected to your membership account is correct. You will also be able to generate a graphic from the Recognition > Tenure page to celebrate and share your success and commitment to our profession on social media.
Is there a Fun Run this year?
Yes, you can find more info at https://www.texasagteachers.org/conf-scholarship-activities.